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Friday, July 27, 2012

Universal Extractor 1.6

                Universal Extractor - a rare and very useful program that serves to extract data from the installer, msi-installer and archive virtually any type. If you do not need to create archives and you only unpack downloaded from the internet compressed files, so you will approach a small, ultra-fast and extremely convenient extractor Universal Extractor.

This is a small program whose job is to quickly decompress archives formats:. Rar, .7 z,. Exe,. Ace,. Arc,. Arj,. Exe,. Bin,. Cue,. Bz2,. Tbz2,. Tar.bz2 ,. cpio,. deb,. gz,. tgz,. tar.gz,. img,. cab, etc. - almost all popular archivers, packers, and installers. Updated almost everything. There is support for the Russian language.

Updated components: 
pea.exe Version 0.39 (12/03/12) 
TrIDDefs.TRD (4752 file types, 6/1/12) 
UnRAR.exe version 4.20.3 beta (29.05.12) 
unarc.exe Version 0.67 (18/05/12) 
7z.dll version 9.27 alpha (02.06.12) 
7z.exe version 9.27 alpha (02.06.12) 
Inno Setup Unpacker Version 0.37 (06/02/11) 
Added support for IS 5.5.0. 
Fixed problem with reading of large files. 
Added some more values ??to reconstructed script. 
Improved FAR MultiArc settings. 
changed address of the server updates

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