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Friday, July 27, 2012

Auslogics Registry Defrag 6


Safe defragmentation registry Windows. Improves the performance of your computer by optimizing the structure of the registry. Corrects structural defects registry. Reduces the registry size. Provides a more stable Windows. Reduces application response time. Increases overall computer performance.

Why should defragment the registry:
You probably already know that a fragmented registry slows down the system. But did you know that while the computer registry is fully loaded into RAM. It is known that memory is never enough, and therefore, the smaller the registry file, the less memory it will use, and the more it will be for other applications.

Auslogics Registry Defrag defragments and compresses the registry Windows. The program actually overwrites the registry again, removing the empty blocks of data and correcting the structural defects. As a result, you get a compact and well organized registry, which consumes fewer system resources and requires less time to process requests applications and operating systems.

What's new:
• Added check for free space when creating an archive in the Rescue Center. If there is not enough disk space, you can refuse to perform surgery or to continue without creating an archive.
• Fixed a memory leak, and made code optimization and algorithms, thus improving the performance of virtually all the tools in the program.
• All modules that work with hard drives are optimized for correct processing of large data sets, including Rescue Center is now correctly creates and restores backups over 2 GB.
• Made a lot of corrections and adjustments in language files.
• Made numerous changes to the interface modules, which will make the tools easier to use.
• Improved reporting and display of results according to the wishes of users. Now this information is more understandable.
• Added partial compatibility with Windows 8, full compatibility will be implemented in version BoostSpeed ??5.4.
• Fixed all known bugs.
• The installer fixes, optimized for installation and removal program.

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