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Saturday, September 22, 2012

XUS Desktop 1.8

XUS Desktop 1.8.82 Include Serial Key

XUS Desktop is a powerful launcher for your Windows system. It offers a fast & flexible way to launch your frequent programs. And let you fast to access your Windows system directories & Windows accessories. XUS Desktop sets a shortcut letter for each application. Whatever you are accustomed to using a keyboard or a mouse. XUS Desktop makes you to launch the application you wanted in the fastest way. Whatever how many windows are opened. The hot key (Alt + Space) can bring XUS Desktop to most-top. Let you easy to reach XUS Desktop. With XUS Desktop, you can organize your windows desktop icons very easy. It can make your windows desktop clear, beautiful. If you are tired Windows desktop. Please try our fancy XUS Desktop. It will be the best launcher you have never ever used. You will feel like using computer with XUS Desktop all the time.


  • Easy to organize your windows desktop icons
  • Fast & swift way to launch the program
  • Make you windows desktop clear and beautiful
  • Offers a different & wonderful feel to use your computer
  • More useful and helpful functions
  • Offers a perfect solution to handle too much desktop icon's problem

Link password: koskomputer

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