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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Windows 8 Codecs


Windows 8 Codecs - packet filters, and audio / video codec developer of Vista Codec Package and Windows 7 Codecs, after installation, which can be easily reproduced using any media player on Windows 8. When you install Windows 8 Codecs automatically uninstall the already installed codecs, while replacing them with their own to ensure the best compatibility. 

Similar to its predecessor, Windows 7 Codecs, this program does not include any additional players and does not change the file associations. It also supports playback of streaming video in multiple formats. Each component of the Windows 8 Codecs can be removed individually without removing the entire package. 

Main features of Windows 8 Codecs: 
-Support for streaming video in all popular web browsers. 
-Works with Windows Media Player and Media Center. 
-It does not contain any additional players. 
-Installer supports 20 languages ​​(including Russian). 
-Do not change the system default file associations. 
-No need for additional adjustments and changes. 
-After installation, some codecs can remove or reinstall. 

- Update LAV filters .51.3 + 
- Update DCbass Source 1.5.1 
- Update Mediainfo 7.60 
- Update Icaros 2.1.1. 


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