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Friday, September 7, 2012

Tips Opening Site Blocked site

 Tips Opening Site Blocked set

There are many ways to open the site or access the blocked or unblocked. Either that were blocked by your ISP subscription as Telkomsel, XL, IM3, SMART, AXIS , etc. or any other party. In this article will provide several ways for you to be able to access sites that are blocked. This trick can be used by anyone, anywhere and at any time without charge at all from you (meaning not in komersilkan so, if the cost of the Internet so the affairs of each hehe) well to learn more, come directly ket scene 

1. Screen-Resolution . com Screen Resolution Checker, able mengecheck websites with different resolutions. only works with internet explorer. but of course this would be an alternative bwt yg diblock ngakses website.

2. BrowserShots.org
Browser Shots, like Screen resolution checker, but do not support the navigation through the website. It provides a snapshot of the website that we ask .. but very useful website that not bwt ngakses pelu login.

3. Google Cache
Search engines like Google and Yahoo webpage and hide the cache pages are stored in search engines themselves. It can be an alternative for us to access blocked sites
click on 'cache' will bring to the page cache version, but in many cases a lot of admins who already ngeblock google caches this page, but if for yahoo, it can still work. 4. Online Translation Services yeah ... we know all online translator to translate web page ... well that is .. we can manfaatin this to open that website is blocked .. the most popular Yahoo BabelFish and Google Translate . and if yahoo and googlenya on the block .. looking dg alternatives 5. reading a web page via Email Web2Mail is a free service that sends web pages that we wanna read to email us. or you can try WebinMail 6. Google mobile Cache Google display the normal HTML pages as if you see it on the phone. During the translation, Google removes the javascript content and CSS scripts and breaks a longer page into several smaller pages. 7. Subscribe to RSS Feed This may not work for all sites, but if the site is intended to visit provides RSS feeds, you can subscribe and read it with an RSS reader, or have regularly send the contents to your email. 8. Wayback Machine Wayback Machine is internet service that periodically save a copy of almost all websites on the Internet way from the date they started. Clicking on the latest copy of what Wayback Machine have should be somewhat similar to the original site. Another way to access blocked sites via caches. Does not help always. 9. Yauba Yauba is tipped to become the world's first Privacy Safe search engines. Basically Yauba delinks your browser and the target site and route all traffic through their servers. 10. Google CacheThat's our 10 th over to google its cache, to facilitate your access to websites blocked by the cache, especially google cache. You can mengetika this in google search: cache: situsdiblok.com Hopefully Helpful ^ ^

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