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Monday, September 17, 2012

SpeedOptimizer v3


Free Download SpeedOptimizer v3.0.9.5 Full Version Crack will optimize variety of Internet
connection (such as: dial-up, cable, DSL / ADSL, T1, etc.), network and ethernet cards.
The SpeedOptimizer will optimize your Internet-related data transmission including
loading of web page elements (text and graphics), downloading, uploading and streaming
of content (music, movies, games, clips, etc.), delivery of email messages and
attachments (transmission and receipt), and performance of web based applications
(such as online games).
The SpeedOptimizer operates regardless of the browser, email client, or ISP network
configuration. At the end of the process you will be issued an Optimization Report listing
the settings that have been optimized.
Here are some key features of "SpeedOptimizer":
· Registry cleaner: Analyze and fix registry problems
· File sweeper: Find and delete all those redundant files
· Startup manager: With clear explanations on every startup application
· Network optimization: Optimize hidden network settings (compatible with all browsers,
email clients and connection types)
· Optimize Windows explorer: Speed up Start menu and folders access time
· Optimize Windows desktop: Maximize your desktop performance
· System-folders optimizations: Optimize recycle bin, temporary internet and temporary
windows files' settings
· Background monitoring: Real time monitoring ensures your PC is always in tip-top

· Supports scheduling: Easily automates most common optimization tasks
· Faster loading of web page elements (text and graphics)
· Accelerated downloading, uploading and streaming of content (music, movies, games,
clips etc.)
· Faster delivery (transmission and receipt) of email massages and attachments
· Improved performance for web based applications (online games and other web based
· Powerful DNS Cache utility for reduced browsing overheads
· Advanced settings management for professional users
· Ease Of Use
· Easy to follow wizard process
· Optimizes All Connections
· Self-explanatory optimization process
· Few short steps and your system is optimized
· Easily manage different sets of settings for different environments: save, restore and reuse any combination of values for your system parameters.
· Optimize all Internet connections (dial-up | cable | DSL | ADSL | T1 etc.)
· Optimize all network and ethernet cards
· Compatible for all Browsers and Email clients
· ISP transparency (supports all ISP network configuration )

Password  ( If need) : www.daoudsoftwares.tk

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