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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Advanced Installer 9.5

Advanced Installer 9.5 Build 47007 Incl Patch

Advanced Installer 9.5 Build 47007 Full Version - Merupakan software yang berfungsi untuk membuat installer software ( EXE & MSI ), Java Application, Update Patch, Add-Ins, dan lain sebagainya. Software ini sudah sangat terkenal di kalangan programer / pembuat / pengembang software, Selain kaya akan fitur, Advanced Installer 9.5 Build 47007 juga memiliki tampilan yang friendly sehingga sangat mudah untuk di gunakan.


  • MSI: Create valid MSI setups for your applications respecting all written and unwritten Windows Installer rules
  • UAC: Build installers that run flawlessly on Windows 7/Vista supporting their security model
  • Upgrades: Detect and upgrade older version of your product installed on the user's machine. Prevent installs over newer ones
  • Side-by-Side: Create packages for different versions of your application that can be installed simultaneously and run side by side
  • Imports: Import from Visual Studio, InstallShield LE, WiX, Eclipse, Inno Setup, NSIS and regular MSI/MSM packages
  • Fonts: Register fonts in the Windows OS. Specify registration names for non-TrueType fonts
  • Environment Variables: Create, append or prepend user or system environment variables
  • Autoregister: Auto registration, for files that support it, can be scheduled at install time
  • Files and Folders: Install and uninstall files and folders. Set attributes, create shortcuts
  • Registry: Install and uninstall registry keys and entries
  • 64-bit: Build setups that run and install on 32-bit processors or on the latest 64-bit Intel and AMD CPUs
  • Template projects: Create templates based on your current project and ready-to-use for your future projects
  • Add/Remove: Customize your application's listing in the "Add/Remove Programs" page of Control Panel
  • XML projects: They can be easily checked into a version control system and shared between multiple developers
  • Command Line: Build your release packages in completely automated scripts, like Make, Ant or NAnt
  • Run&Log: Launch your MSI package while pretty printing the full Windows Installer log
  • Launch Conditions: Visually specify conditions necessary (applications, frameworks, etc.) for your package to run
  • Smart Formatted Editing: Editing (MSI)Formatted fields offers reference auto-completion, syntax and error highlights and resolved value hints
  • Per-User/Per-machine: Create installers that can be install as required: per-user or per-machine if the user is Administrator
  • Include Merge Modules: Include frameworks, libraries and other prepackaged dependencies into your installers with just a few mouse clicks
New features in this release:
  • New installer theme (Surface)
  • White background Air theme variation
  • Predefined dialog with both EULA and installation folder
  • Repository manager
  • Repository dialog import
  • Bulk editing for XML elements and attributes
  • XML file updates in Merge Module projects
  • Elevation failure detection with user prompt
  • Uninstall/Change button when overriding the Windows Installer programs entry
  • Project-based download of predefined prerequisites for off-line installers
  • MSZip archives support for SharePoint features
Enhancements to existing features:
  • Overwrite and rename options when exporting a dialog to repository
  • "Move to feature" support for folders and registry keys
  • Added support for custom information in server-side serial number validation
  • Custom disk size support for Windows Installer programs entry
  • Formatted text support for user and group names
  • Filter for predefined prerequisites
  • Better date modification protection in licensing module for licenses
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